Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Seeing Mr Trehan, the best Surgeon EVER

Before seeing Mr Trehan he sent me a letter to go for Prostat injections. I had them for 6 months and they stopped my bleeding and pain too which is a sign patients have endo. I didn't really feel anything when I was due to see Mr Trehan the Endometriosis Specialist, I just thought the same old thing would be said and I would get anywhere. My mum came with me to see him (has she always did, I wouldn't have got this far without her) and I explained all my medical history and symptoms. When I told him I'd had 5 laparoscopies in all he actually didn't believe me and had to look in my notes to make sure. He was shocked and disgusted. He went on to explain that Endometriosis should NOT be cauterised (lasered) away as it ALWAYS grows back. He was more shocked that they were doing this procedure at the hospital where he worked. He said laparoscopies should be done to diagnose endo but lasering it away does not do anything only makes it grow back more. He showed me the picture of my Endo at my first laparoscopy and it was a dot then he showed me the pic on my 5th laparoscopy and it was about 5cms long. He explained that unless endo is CUT away from the source it will just grow back and when it grows back and there's more of it, it obviously gets worse. My Trehan then went on to say there was an operation that could help me and he was one of the only Consultants that did this operation. Its called Radical Excision of Endometrosis. He told me it was the most major gynaecological operation and could take up to 8 hours (depending on how bad the patients endo is) because the endo had to be cut away. I didn't hesitate and straight away said I wanted the operation, I would have tried anything he would have said at that point. I'd been bleeding now almost constantly for about 4 years and I was now about a size 14. This time it felt different, it felt like he had listened and actually knew what he was on about. I had my pre op and was due to have my operation in January 2007 (I was 24 years old). I was now counting down to my op and praying it would be a help, or even better a cure!!

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