Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The BIG operation day finally here!!

My boyfriend and family had been absolutely brilliant through all this and they were definitely more anxious and worried about me going for this op, especially knowing it was a major op. I was obviously very nervous but I'd had a few ops before so it wasn't so bad. I went in for my op at 9am and came out just after 2pm. When I came round from my operation my mum and boyfriend were there. When Mr Trehan came round to see me he told me I'd had grade 4 endometriosis which is the worst grade and the endometriosis had spread all over my bowel. When I look back now I remember starting with irritable bowel syndrome about a year before my op and this is why, the Endo was travelling everywhere. It can be dangerous and break off and travel to places like legs and even brains which is scary to think about. I know a girl who was having really bad knee pains and after months of examinations it was found she had endo and that was the cause.
He then went onto tell me that he'd also found cysts on my ovaries (PCOS) and he'd lasered these away.
When I got home I felt a lot sorer than any other operations but still not has bad as I'd expected to feel and I'd only had to stay in hospital a couple of days. Within days I started to lose weight which I couldn't believe and within a couple of weeks I'd lost at least a stone and I felt better in nearly every way, it was unbelievable. I had my post op appointment with Mr Trehan in October so I'd a long time to wait to see him but he wanted to leave me that long to make sure no symptoms came back. Within 2 months my periods became regular and best of all I was pain free, the first time in years. I had energy and never felt so good. By the time I saw Mr Trehan again I was over the moon with his op (even though my weight had crept back up due to the PCOS). He went on to tell me my weight wouldn't go down with just dieting because of the Polycystic Ovaries which sadly there was no cure for. He thought the Polycystic Ovaries had just more or less started and they can be started by having Endometrosis for a long time and it not being treated, this was definitely why I'd got it I thought. On a happier note he told me my Endo will never return or if it does it will be when I'm in my forties or fifties all because it had been cut away. I thought all those years I'd been miserable and in pain and had pointless operations when all I needed was this one op he'd performed. He then went on to talking babies and pregnancy. One thing I was dreading because I thought all he'd say was I wouldn't be able to have them naturally. I was very wrong. He told me I could get pregnant now the endo was gone but the one thing stopping me now was the PCOS. I told him me and my partner wanted a family and he decided to start me on Metformin straight away. Metformin is a diabetic medication but helps PCOS. It helps ovulate (produce eggs) and also helps control weight by helping the sugars in the blood. I started taking Metformin in October 2007, it wasn't a definite I would get pregnant but it could only help. I had to have hope but didn't think it would be soon if anything at all was to happen, I was wrong again!!


  1. Can you tell me how much your operation cost? I am at my wits end with the care ( or non care ) I'm receiving from my consultant and think that what you have described is what I need. Just need to know how big a loan I am going to need?
    Many thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Lynne- if you go on the and the contact page, drop an email or call and they'll be happy to give you the cost.